Frequently Asked Questions

What's your shipping policy?

Typically, our orders can be processed on the same day the order occurs, unless the order is placed on a Sunday (shop is closed) and will not be processed until Monday.  Orders will then ship 1-3 days after processing, depending on order volume and time of year.  Keep in mind that 1-3 day shipping is standard, however, processing and shipping timelines are subject to change at the owners discretion!

Since Honeybee & Home Co. ships your order right to your door, you must be aware that since a third party (FedEx, USPS, etc.) takes possession over your product after leaving the shop, Honeybee & Home Co. is no longer responsible for any damage or issues regarding the delivery of your product.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Honeybee & Home Co. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card & Apple Pay.  Only one credit card may be applied per order.


When placing my order, when will my card be charged?

As soon as your card has been processed through Honeybee & Home Co.'s website, your card will be charged the full amount of the order.  Immediately after ordering, you should receive a confirmation email containing a detailed invoice of your order.  If you believe you have successfully placed an order, but have not yet received your order summary via email, contact for further assistance.


How do I request a more personalized order?

Kindly reach out to us in a detailed email message ( with any and all ideas regarding your custom order.  We would be more than happy to create a unique design, just for you!


Are all of your products handmade and lettered to order?

Absolutely! Here at Honeybee & Home Co we pride ourselves in making each order as they arrive; to be sure that each product we send off to our customers radiates own unique style.  However, since each item is produced, printed, and packaged for shipping by hand, please be aware that there may be a slight variation from order to order!