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Post-Thanksgiving Giving of Thanks

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all are managing to get back into that weekday groove after the long Thanksgiving weekend + all of the festivities that came along with it.  I wanted to pop in today to relay some of my most recent reasons for giving thanks, being as that last week we celebrated Thanksgiving.  And given that you’re taking the time out of your jam-packed schedule to read this, this is probably a good place for me to stop and recognize all of you.

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3 lessons I've already learned (in the first 3 months of owning a creative business)

Hi to all you lovely people + welcome to halfway through your workweek!  Recently, I’ve felt the urge to take some time to share just a few of the (in my opinion) most important lessons I’ve ALREADY learned from owning a creative business…after the first THREE months.  And let me tell you, it’s been on heck of a ride.  Still wouldn’t change it for the world, though.  Some of these may seem a little juvenile/immature to you, but seriously, they’re true.  Start scrolling.

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