our most FAQ’s for the blushing bride

From save the dates, invitation suites, pretty chalkboards, mirrors, wedding favors, place cards, OH MY!  Is your head spinning yet? I know mine sure was as I finalized my own wedding day details, just about a year ago today. That’s exactly why I’m taking the time to share our two most frequently asked questions from our brides and a few of our best tips + tricks for what to consider when hiring your wedding calligrapher.  Because let’s be honest, the more you know (especially when planning your best day ever) the better!

FAQ 1- How far in advance should I be contacting/booking our wedding calligrapher?

This is by far our MOST frequently asked question, and lucky for you we have the answer!  I recommend to all of my brides that they should be narrowing down their wedding calligrapher search about ONE YEAR out from their wedding day! (ESPECIALLY if they are designing save the dates for you!).   For personalized wedding invitations, I would recommend booking your wedding calligrapher 7-9 months before your wedding day, as invitation design (depending on time of year) may take up to 3-4 weeks!  Yes, 7-9 months is quite a long time ahead of your wedding to be worrying about designing invites, but TRUST me!  This allows for both you + your calligrapher to discuss your wedding day vision, color palettes, and design preferences without worrying about rushing or not getting exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.  Believe me when I say you DON’T want to be stuck with a hefty rush fee from waiting until the last minute.  Neither you nor I want to have to do that, weddings are expensive enough!  To many peoples surprise, wedding calligraphers book up really quickly (like a YEAR in advance, quickly!) Don’t forget to consider the calligraphers workload, adequate time for printing, as well as shipping timelines if you hire a wedding calligrapher who isn’t local to you.  Side note: if you’re a bride lucky enough to be planning a destination wedding, add an additional 2 months time to our estimates!



FAQ 2- How long does it ACTUALLY take for you to address our wedding invitations?

No matter what the size of envelope I’m lettering on, each and every one takes anywhere from 3-4 minutes.  Often, people will look at me and say ‘oh, but that’s not a very long time!’  But, consider the average size guest list today.  Typically, brides and grooms invite between 120-200 people to their big day (and often times, my brides end up inviting 250-300 people if they have large families!)  Lets do the math.  Say an engaged couple comes to me and has an average sized guest list of 150 people.  They are requesting envelope calligraphy for both their outer invitation envelope, and their inner (RSVP) envelope.  Inviting 150 total people usually means sending out anywhere from 75-90 invites.   So, for me to letter on 90 outer envelopes and 90 inner envelopes, (lets estimate 3-4 minutes per envelope x 180 total envelopes) that leaves this ONE wedding calligraphy job taking me anywhere from 540 minutes (aka 9 hours) to 720 minutes (aka 12 hours).  Not to mention that I (+ I’m sure all of the other wedding calligraphers out there can relate) most always have 3-4 wedding calligraphy jobs booked at one time!  It takes a whole lot of planning, creating, and hustle just to keep up and to get your invitations back to you in a timely manner!  And just think, this timeframe doesn’t even account for invitation/program design, ‘day of’ wedding décor, or wedding favors!  That’s a whole other ‘can of worms’ I won’t get into today!



So to all of you brides out there whose heads are spinning, I’m hoping I’ve left you today with some sort of insight on what it’s like to book your a calligrapher for your wedding.  And also, maybe a little bit of insight on what it’s like in the day in the life of me?!  Either way, I’m always more than happy to answer any/all of your wedding planning questions!  You can reach out to me via our website (click the email icon on the top right portion of our homepage), fill out our wedding calligraphy form (found under the ‘wedding calligraphy’ navigation tab), or feel free to leave a comment on this post + I’ll be sure to get right back to ya!

happy planning, my loves!