What's Trending 2018-Wedding Inspiration for the Bride to Be

With a new year comes the latest and greatest from the always growing wedding industry! Unique and unforgettable trends coming into play and changing the way brides envision the best day of their lives.  Today, we’re talking about a few of our favorites.  Start scrolling.


1. Navy is DEFINITELY the new black

Move over, black!  Navy’s back.  Maybe I’m just super biased since my own wedding showcased the most amazing navy blue tuxedos I’ve ever seen, but holy smokes navy is the new wedding color trend of the year.  Navy pairs so well with almost any color (for example, our wedding colors were blush pink and navy blue) and brings a subtle formality along with it!  Perfect for the bride who doesn’t want to be stuck with traditional black or grey tuxedos, which have been the popular choice for more formal events in the past.  Navy is a beautiful color for your maids to wear, too!


2. Textured, Hanging Florals

Never have I ever loved a wedding floral trend more than when I started to see wedding florists across the globe creating suspended floral arrangements for both ceremony and reception décor.  It’s such an extravagant, memorable touch guaranteed to leave your guests in awe.

One of my favorite local wedding florists I’ve had the honor of working with is the incredibly talented Kaytee of Roots Floral Design.  She works with so much passion to bring gorgeous detail to each and every arrangement she creates.  Keep scrolling to see some more of her amazing work. I’ll just be over here hoping that this trend doesn’t go anywhere.  It’s breathtaking.

3. Non-Traditional Wedding Stationery + Details

Now, I know I’m DEFINITELY biased when it comes to this trend.  The trending pieces brides are using now to accent their wedding invitations, ceremonies and receptions can be described in one word: extraordinary.  Brides are more willing to reach beyond the customary ‘paper’ and color boundaries.  Escort cards hand lettered onto agate stones, acrylic reception pieces, even edible ink hand lettered onto the bride and grooms favorite desserts.  Literally nothing is off the table here.

We’re so excited about all that is new and trending in 2018 and feel so lucky to already be working with so many brides to be in the coming year.  Which 2018 trends catch your eye?

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