3 lessons I've already learned (in the first 3 months of owning a creative business)

Hi to all you lovely people + welcome to halfway through your workweek! 

Recently, I’ve felt the urge to take some time to share just a few of the (in my opinion) most important lessons I’ve ALREADY learned from owning a creative business…after the first THREE months.  And let me tell you, it’s been on heck of a ride.  Still wouldn’t change it for the world, though.  Some of these may seem a little juvenile/immature to you, but seriously, they’re true.  Start scrolling.


Lesson Number One:  Success Isn’t Measured By Money

Let’s be honest here, if you’re walking down the street and see a very well dressed, middle aged man, donning a designer pair of shoes and sporting a watch more expensive than a whole years rent, you’re going to assume they’re successful.  And maybe they are, and that’s great.  Maybe they’ve built a successful life for themselves, or maybe not.  But why do we assume wealth equals success?  I guess because that’s what society has taught us.

My point here is that even in the first few months of owning my own business, my view of the world/society/social norms has COMPLETELY changed.  I’ve found that personal growth is what’s more important.  Feeling that HUGE sense of pride after you’ve made your very first sale, branching out of your comfort zone, making friends with other creatives both locally and nationwide.  It’s not about how you’re dressed, or how much money you make in a year that makes you successful.  Just the validity alone that other people actually like/want to spend their hard earned money on things you pour your heart into each day seems like a pretty exhilarating success to me.


Lesson Number Two:  Be Patient With Yourself

My husband Robby is probably reading this and laughing hysterically right now that I’m actually admitting this publicly to everyone, but believe it or not, I can tend to be a pretty impatient person.  Mostly, it’s a lack of patience with myself.  In the instant gratification filled society we live in today, it can be pretty difficult to just sit around and wait for the perfect idea to pop into our heads.  The last few months though, I’ve learned that keeping the faith, and trying my best to not rush my creative process really does help me keep it (somewhat) together.  Over the past weeks, I’ve allowed myself to get more comfortable with the uncertainty of owning a business, making sales, and being a creative in general. 

My best advice for those struggling with patience is to find a rhythm/pace that works for YOU.  Learn to be more tolerant of change, and what we can’t control (insert the Serenity Prayer here).  We can’t compare ourselves/our businesses to anyone else, because they are quite frankly, aren’t us.  HINT: set up your routine to be one that you actually ENJOY, and follow it, every single day.


Lesson Number Three: Finding Your Purpose Is Worth The Risk

Most startup businesses in the U.S. today take the plunge and open their doors knowing that they most likely won’t be making any type of a profit until almost TWO YEARS after their grand opening.  2 YEARS?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  I thought the very same thing…at first. 

Yes, starting your own business and having it become your full time job is a HUGE risk.  For example, for my husband and I, being homeowners and newlyweds who want to have a family someday (and not be completely broke), the whole 2 years without reaping the benefits of my business is pretty terrifying at times.  But somehow, my supportive husband believes in MY DREAMS and ME enough to face the risks head-on.  Honestly, I’ve never been happier with what I do.  Honeybee & Home Co. is the creative outlet I’ve always needed but never knew it.  Owning this little creative business of mine pushes me to be my best each day, to make beautiful hand crafted designs just for you.


So, take what you want + leave the rest.  Just needed to share a few of the millions of things that float through my always-chaotic mind.  I’m sure that I still have an immeasurable amount of lessons to learn as a creative entrepreneur, but for now, these will just have to do.  Thanks for reading y’all.  You’re the best.