my three fav spots to get s*** done (that aren't starbucks!)

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  Even though it’s only the second day in the ‘work week’, I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person…and I know I’m definitely not the only one!

I thought I’d pop in here and share a few of my favorite places in the Cincinnati area where I’m able to unwind, grab some yummy espresso, and get s*** done.  Because lets be honest, knowledge really is power.  So, without further ado, a list of my top 3 local coffee shops (that AREN’T Starbucks):


1.  Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop:  Why save the best for last?!  Y’all this is my absolute favorite go-to place where I attempt to get my life together.  To be completely honest, I’m writing this blog post in this one-of-a-kind coffee shop right now!  Located on Madison Road in the heart of Oakley, this establishment serves up the best atmosphere AND espresso in town.  Not only is the staff so sweet and inviting, but also are the comfy chairs they have inside!  They’re known for their locally roasted coffee, trendy art, and most importantly, their Honeysuckle Latte.  Trust me, the next time you’re in the Oakley area, check them out.  You won’t regret it.

2.   Deeper Roots Coffee:  A close second favorite of mine, this coffee bar also located on Madison Road in Oakley serves up a variety of coffees, tea & juices to really get your creative juices flowing (see what I did there?).  A cozy, artsy kind of place where you can sit back, relax, and put your nose to the grindstone. When you stop in, be sure to try the Matcha Super Green tea they offer.  It’s the bomb.  In addition to their hip coffee bar, Deeper Roots also has their own ‘roasterie’ down on Elizabeth Street in Cincinnati. Check ‘em out!

3.  Coffee Emporium:  If you’ve never made your way into one of the two most popular Coffee Emporium locations here in Cincinnati, you’re doing it wrong.  They are the oldest operating coffeehouse in the area with an atmosphere you wouldn’t believe.  With locations in both Hyde Park and Over-The-Rhine, you just know they’re bringing in all the best creative minds in the area.  Feeling hungry?  They’ve got you covered with fresh baked goods every day, as well as an awesome café menu!  So, if you’re to-do list never seems to end, that’s okay.  By all means set up camp here!  Coffee Emporium will fuel your creativity and help you get through that midday slump.


Well, there ya have it.  My top three favorite places in Cincy right now where I go to be super productive, hang with an old friend, or meet up with other local creatives.  If you find yourself at any of these three places, take a look around.  I’m willing to bet you'll find me there!